Euro Prep EP400 5-Quart 10 Speed Stand Mixer Planetery Action

Euro Prep EP400 5-Quart Planetery Action

Euro Prep EP400 5-Quart 10 Speed Stand Mixer Planetery Action

by Euro Prep

  • 400-watts motor with 10 electronically controlled speed settings
  • 5 quart stainless steel bowl with integrated splash guard
  • Includes flat beater, pastry hook, and balloon whisk
  • EasyTilt head simplifies changing attachments or adding ingrediendts
  • Stunning eurepean design on the outside + pure mixing power on the inside
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  1. Brand: Euro Prep
  2. Package: 17.5 x 13.8 x 12 inches
  3. Shipping Weight: 11.3 pounds
  4. Item ID: upc:804879449072
  5. Item ID: ean:0804879449072
The Ultimate Mix of Form and Function

Stunning European design on the outside plus pure mixing power on the inside.

Exclusive PowerDrive system virtually eliminates "motor to mixing bowl" power loss.

SloStart drive system for increased safety and minimal splashback-especially at high speeds.

5 Qt Stainless Steel Bowl and Splash Guard
Engineered to the same demanding standards as our mixer and precision optimized to bring out the best in our attachments- and your recipes, this stainless steel bowl holds a true 5 quarts and mounts securely for maximum safety and stability Combine that with its super tough splash guard/feeder and you can see what makes us superior by design.

The Attachments
All attachments feature unique nostick finish.

Dual Pastry Hook
The unique design of our pastry hook ensures that more of your ingredients end up in your pastry-not on the sides of the mixing bowl.

Balloon Whisk
Because its almost perfectly round it delivers optimal aeration-a key part to "whipping up" magically light meringues, phenomenally flawless frostings and of course wonderful whipped creams.

Flat Beater
No matter if its desserts or even mashed potatoes the results will be nothing short of unbeatable.
Customer Reviews
 (27 customer reviews)

Perfect for cakes and creams., April 25, 2013
Moe M. (New York, NY)
My wife and I have a small business of cupcakes. We have a large commercial mixer in our commercial kitchen, but we needed something smaller for creams and smaller jobs that we can do in our family kitchen. We found this mixer on and we didnt recognize the brand and it looked too good to be true for the price offered, but we figured with Amazons return policy we were safe.
So far it didn't disappoint us. We use it almost every day, and we prefer to use this over the bulky commercial mixer when we can. Its lightweight and it transports easily from our family kitchen to our business kitchen.
We appreciate the fact that the mixer has some great features as:
The beaters reach the bottom and side of the bowl which eliminates unmixed batter, and therefore makes it a great choice for beating up snows, creams.
The machine is lightweight making it so much simpler to just pull it out of the closet.
The plastic Body of.

A great kitchen mixer, June 16, 2013
Randy Royea "randy56" (philipsburg,Quebec.)
For the price this is a very good mixer. I have no problem making bread dough with it, as a matter of fact the planetary system has a lot less play than the kitchen aid mixer for $300.00 . I would recommend this mixer to anyone for normal kitchen use, I have made around 10 batches of bread dough with this mixer and it still runs as good as new.

Incapable of kneading dough, July 25, 2013
Loadnabox (Continental USA)
Customer Video Review Length:: 1:10 Mins

I've tried making a video review twice but keeps saying it's inappropriate. Here's the text only version until I can sort out exactly why a video of a mixer (not) running is offensive.

Just tried making dough for the first time (Naan) it kept stopping after making less than a full orbit. It took me quite a while to figure out what was wrong (which is why the dough is pretty much done by the time I made the video)

By holding down the top to keep it engaged, it did a decent enough job of kneading the dough quickly. I just don't feel that I should need to do this. On top of that, it's obvious that the frame is twisting at the joints as it mixes the dough. I'm worried that given enough time, the plastic will fatigue and simply break. By the amount of play in the joints I'd wager a couple dozen batches would do it in.

I was going to give it 2 stars, since it wouldn't have these issues with lighter stuff like batters. I.

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