Gourmet Grade GM800 7-Quart 10 Speed 700w All-Metal Stand Mixer

Gourmet Grade GM800 7-Quart Stand Mixer

Gourmet Grade GM800 7-Quart 10 Speed 700w All-Metal Stand Mixer

by Gourmet Grade

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  • Massive 6.7-quart stainless steel bowl with integrated splash guard
  • 10 electronically controlled speed settings
  • Includes flat beater, balloon whisk,
  • Thermal protection prevents overheating + smoothstart system minimizes splash back
  • Smart tilt head simplifies changing attachments or adding ingrediendts
  • Sale: $249.99 Save: 37%
  • $399.99 List Price
  • In Stock
  • With Free Shipping
  • Sold by Appliatech

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  1. Brand: Gourmet Grade
  2. Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 16 inches
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Product Description

The Bowl and Splash Guard
Engineered to the same "commercial grade" specifications the our mixer, this stainless steel bowl holds a full 6.7 quarts and mounts securely to make easy work of the toughest recipes. Add to that a tough, see through splashguard that also makes it easy to add "last minute ingredients" and you have a combination that will "bowl" you over."

The Control
Direct Drive power system delivers maximum power from motor to mixing bowl. 10 precision speed settings so you get precisely the results you want

The Attachments
All attachments feature unique nostick finish.

Pastry Hook
The unique "Flared U" shape of our Pastry Hook ensures "maximum mixing"-no matter the recipe. Like all Gourmet Grade accessories its been designed especially for the Gourmet Grade mixing bowl. So you get more power and versatility and of course consistently superior results!

Thanks to its unique "elliptical wire-frame" design our whisk incorporates more air to the mixing process and allows you to easily create lighter whipped creams, fluffier cakes and deliciously incredible icings.

Flat Beater
Unlike most beaters, ours is designed to work exclusively with our bowl. This results in more uniform mixing and less waste-as well as better batters and more divine desserts and doughs. In short, for great results in "nothing flat", nothing beats our precision engineered flat beater.

Customer Reviews

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Great stand mixer, May 14, 2013
Just got mines a few hours ago, and i love it. It's a bit heavy it felt like a 40 lbs dumbbell when i was carrying it around with my left arm. I just used it to make Japanese Cheese Cake with it and the cake tasted so much better it was more fluffy than when i was using a hand mixer. By the way, I found out the actual brand of this mixer just about an hour ago and the original brand name is "Wolfgang Puck" it looks exactly the same, the accessories that comes with it are the same, and the specs are also the same. The only things that are different than the original is that the colors are completely different, and it does not come with the food grinder like the Wolfgang puck version when you purchase it from them. But, it doesn't matter since we can always just buy it separately.

here is a link if you're curious and it also got a video of the stand mixer in action next to the picture icons:

also if you want the food grinder after buying this from amazon.

Wonderful Product for a Great Price, May 12, 2013
efraim feder
This is an item I recommend to everyone and here is why. I first saw this mixer on last week
after looking for a 4 quart stand mixer a couple of weeks. When I first saw it I had to believe that the
price of it is too good to be true Then by reviewing this item I figured that this is probably a new
company trying to get there mixer going on Amazon. I was quiet skeptical but then I realized that I was
on the hunt for a 4 quart mixer and the prices ranges between $285-$400 and here I see a 6.7 quart
professional looking stand mixer for only $189 so my decision was to take the risk and get it. Especially
that has its great refund option. I made the purchase paying accidently an extra $3.99 for
overnight shipping so I got it the next day.

I began using it on the same day I received it and was surprised by its great performance. The motor is
powerful, smooth. The item itself is very solid and stable and its material.

6.7 is my lucky number, May 8, 2013
We've been looking for "serious, XL capacity stand mixer to handle the needs of our family/extended family for quite a while, but we kept getting put off by either price or performance

Heard about this through a friend who was helping me with the hunt...did my due diligence...placed the order on Friday took delivery yesterday (as in Tuesday..thanks Prime!), fired this baby up last nite to put it through its paces--an important "audition" as we have family coming and I wanted to be sure I could count on this to do what I needed it to...so anyway after a few hours of mixing I'm convinced--and as the saying goes "by golly i think we've got it!".

First off (and as I've learned the hard way)...you can spend twice or thrice the price on a 7qt stand mixer and still end up with one that falls short in the bread-type dough/seriously denser batter department...yeah i know some of them look like they can mix cement...and cost about as much as a cement mixer...but when it.

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